viernes, 28 de marzo de 2008

Hi-Res EMPIRE Scans

Scans de la Revista EMPIRE en alta calidad (Se puede leer lo que pone):
ACTUALIZADO (29-03-08): Con más scans (Gracias a"TheLastCrusader" del foro The Raven)
FUENTE: "TheLastCrusader" del foro The Raven

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amazon warrior dijo...

Ole, ole! Ya tego nuevo fondo de pantalla de la Spalko gracias a tí ;)

TheLastCrusader dijo...

Hi, I made those scans :). I'm TheLastCrusader from The Raven.
I noticed because the scratches and the points of dust are exactly the same as my scans, and because I forgot a page. It's supposed to be 12 pages :p.
Here it is BTW; Page 12

You'll have to copy paste this url, but it's also attached to this post.

Crystal Skull dijo...

It's done :), thank you for the scans